Why stations of cleaning of water

are necessary

The station of cleaning of water is a special system for a filtration by means of which different impurity and substances are removed. Truly to pick up such station, it is necessary to carry out chemical water analysis. Proceeding from its results, you will know, on what it is necessary to give more attention: umyagcheniye, obezzhelezivaniye or and that and it. It is not necessary to trust councils of the neighbor because similar water does not happen. If to you essentially quality, it is necessary to rely only on results of the analysis specifically your water.

Stations of cleaning of water: mechanical cleaning

Why stations of cleaning of water
Removal of mechanical impurity, sand, the earth, rust, krupnodispersny and melkodispersny suspensions becomes the first task of station of cleaning of water for a cottage. The filter of mechanical cleaning is the case made of fiber glass. It is filled with filtering loading. All this composition works in an automatic mode which is adjusted on the special control unit. The station of cleaning of water itself loosens loading and spends washing at present.

The most vserasprostranenny loadings – сульфоуголь and quartz sand. But other, more effective loadings with a big gryazeemkost are already developed also. The choice of that or other loading, at first, is in dependence from extent of pollution of initial water. Washing and a vzrykhleniye essentially prolong service life засыпки, but happens never-ending nothing, and it is necessary to hold in the head that it needs to be updated just right.

Stations of cleaning of water: umyagcheny waters

Why stations of cleaning of water
The importunate scum in a teapot is a result of salts of rigidity. It is unsafe not only only for a teapot and for though what other equipment which works at water: washing and dishwashing machines, broilers, bathroom equipment. The scum can become the precondition of breakage of expensive equipment and as a result repair which also will manage expensively. Besides it badly affects and on health of the person. To avoid similar to station of cleaning of water carry out an umyagcheniye. Umyagcheniye is a removal of salts of calcium and sodium, specifically they are responsible for rigidity level.

Often meeting way of an umyagcheniye – introduction of kationobmenny pitches. Zasypka containing ions of sodium. During water passing through such засыпку ions of calcium and magnesium are replaced with sodium ions. Such makary, on an exit we receive water without rigidity salts. That method does not ask huge costs and is absolutely harmless for health because ions of sodium do not bear any threat for the person and equipment.

Ionoobmenny loading can be recycled. During that procedure loading is cleared of the detained salts of calcium and magnesium and updated. If you got tired from a scum and a limy raid, means time came to establish station of cleaning of water for an umyagcheniye. But remember that you receive a techno water, and for its drink it is necessary to subject again filtrations, but already to one of household filters for water.

Stations of cleaning of water: bio cleaning

Bio cleaning comprises removal of organic substances, oil products, оксибензолов, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other chemical connections. In an artesian well such substances meet occasionally and in small quantity. But if you take water from a superficial source, be ready to that in it there is the whole bouquet of harmful parts.

At small number of organic connections in stations of cleaning of water it is possible to use засыпки from absorbent carbon. If the chemical analysis showed the whole bouquet of various parts, to use anionobmenny pitches more effectively. In the termination of system of water purification in a mansion with water of that sort in kitchen it is necessary to establish the filter turnaround осмоса which very much will clear water of organic connections, and as from viruses and microbes.

Stations of cleaning of water: obezzhelezivaniye

Often meeting discrepancy for suburban houses is the royal content of iron in water. And stations of cleaning of water of the best producers can master this task. For an obezzhelezivaniye use two ways – reagentny and bezreagentny. In the course of a filtration through special засыпки the dissolved bivalent iron is oxidized, runs across in a deposit which simply leaves the mechanical filter.

What way to choose, is curled from amount of iron in water. If its less than 10 mg/l, it is possible to carry out oxidation without special reagents by means of oxygen. If the number of the content of iron is higher than 10 mg/l that from it to get rid use гипохлорит sodium or others strong oxidizers.

Stations of cleaning of water: coal cleaning

The coal station of cleaning of water, usually, finishes all complex of works on water preparation. Zasypka in such filters consists of absorbent carbon of a shell of a coconut nutlet. Coal filtering loading detains organic connections, improves taste of water, its color and a smell. If chlorine, specifically absorbent carbon was applied to disinfecting, perfectly deletes the chlorine and hlorsoyedineniye remains.

There are no troubles which cannot be solved. In a case with water purification the main thing exactly to know, of what to clear, and with it you will be helped by the chemical analysis. Proceeding from results of the analysis, establish suitable station of cleaning of water, and every day enjoy nezapyatanny rather harmless water.

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