How to neutralize a zasor

How to neutralize a zasor
Zasora in drains, — an event quite frequent. To decide this dely to address not by all means to the master, it is enough to have the necessary adaptations — the air eliminator and a drainage snow-storm…

The sign a zasor and — water flows down is very sluggish or voobshchy costs. Most likely, here and there the stopper was formed and it is necessary for pushing.

Wash basin and sink contamination. Most ideal for pro-cleaning to use the air eliminator. The sink at all this should be filled with water half. The cup of the air eliminator should be greased with vaseline on each side and is established over the release center. Small breakthroughs press on the air eliminator of times 10 after that clean. If the zasor was not eliminated, function repeat.

How to neutralize a zasor
Introduction of a drainage snow-storm. This device should be entered at the removed cup, at all this rotating the handle clockwise. In process of circulation, it is necessary to tighten and weaken a lamb on the handle. If the snow-storm was hooked for something, it is necessary for moving forward back, a little turning. After that is sluggish to extend careful rotary motions. At the end it is necessary to pour waters with cleaners through a siphon absolutely to clean a pipe.

If the drainage snow-storm did not manage will cope with a zasor, use the clearing hatch. It is necessary to put a bucket under a siphon and to unscrew the hatch. Wait, when water absolutely leaves a siphon, take a slice of a metal wire, bend and to push in a sink. Punch, hook and take out garbage. In this case, if a jam further, it is necessary to thrust a drainage snow-storm at the top sinks, and to push through a siphon.

It is possible to try to get rid of a stopper by means of hot water under pressure. It is most convenient to use a self-made adapter for this purpose. Buy the air eliminator, pull out the wood handle, punch an opening in a place of fastening of the handle and thrust in it a hose. After that, put on outside a collar and tighten. The adaptation is ready.

How to neutralize a zasor
The 1st end of a hose should be put on "fir-tree" of the crane or on mixer release, and a bell of the air eliminator to establish to sink release. Open for few minutes hot water. Zasor will be loosened and water will push it in depth of a by-pass pipe.

If the stopper did not manage to be cleaned pumping by the air eliminator and washing by hot water, it is necessary to clean a site of a by-pass strip. In a bottle siphon it is necessary to turn out a half after that to probe fittings. When the jam is eliminated – collect a siphon and include water.

Baths get littered for the similar reasons. Respectively, clearing actions should be the same. At all this it is necessary to hold in the head that pumping of release of baths by the air eliminator can be, if the opening of a modulation is densely closed.

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