French novelty: a stylish toilet bowl with the pump grinder

The firm the producer of the kanaliziruyushchy equipment of SFA from France offers to sale in the Russian Federation the last development – a stylish small-sized toilet bowl of "Sanicompact Elite" with the integrated pump grinder. New production technologies allocate a novelty with incontestable pluses: beautiful functionality, comfort of use, economy of a place of a room and esthetically nice, modern design.
French novelty: a stylish toilet bowl with the pump grinder

Thanks to unique compulsory system of crushing and the waste disposal, it is possible to establish a new small-sized toilet bowl of "Sanicompact Elite" at quite bolshenny distance from a sewer strut and even in rooms without the classical sewerage. Integrated into a leg of a toilet bowl of "Sanicompact Elite" the faecal pump grinder deletes a waste in available sewer system on a narrow pipe (a diameter of 23-32 mm) up on height to 10 m or across on distance to 100м.

The most powerful motor of the pump grinder differs highly effective system of crushing of a waste, good productivity and compactness. And the filter available in the device with absorbent carbon absolutely relieves all opposite smells.

Existence of a smyvny tank in a novelty the machine gun disappears as superfluous that does unique design of a new small-sized toilet bowl of "Sanicompact Elite" to even more fascinating.

In countries of Western Europe production of the French company SFA long since and with furor is applied in the equipment of objects of a public food, in hotel complexes, houses and industrial rooms. For the Russian consumer «Sanicompact Elite» toilet bowl with the integrated grinder from SFA for the present is a novelty. But to get it it is possible already now in certain shops of the sanitary equipment.

Price of a small-sized toilet bowl of SFA "Sanicompact Elite": 29224 rub.

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