Softly, плавненько and with comfort

This novelty will be suitable both for pedants on life, and for each person. As, often, irritates a clap of a cover of a toilet bowl after its use. Besides, such makary it is possible to destroy a toilet bowl.

When you will get a toilet bowl, it is already completed with a special cover and a seat. Now all wishing can get the improved model of a cover and a seat of "SOFT CLOSING" (Микролифт) which is armed with smooth system of lowering.

This sanitary magic made in the Russian Federation, the MSIPRO company, on development of Japanese designers. The Sonata and Orion models are suitable for all types Softly, плавненько and with comfort
of domestic bathroom equipment for a toilet. The main advantage of this innovation will be that the unitazny cover is executed from an easy material and is processed by the special bactericidal covering preventing emergence and growth of pathogenic microbes that very much amuses.

This production belongs to the class LUXURY though the price of this adaptation for a toilet bowl at cost will not be compared to zabugorny standards.

The represented invention will comfortably use who has small children – at smooth lowering the cover will not knock on fingers and does not injure the kid.

Cost of novelties – about 600 rubles for model.

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