The Czech quality – for people with limited abilities

The Czech quality – for people with limited abilities
Coming in though what room, we at first need to feel there comfortably and with comfort. In a bathroom there is a special need of implementation of these requirements. It is most difficult to achieve comfort to become to low-mobile people and people with limited abilities.

The Czech company "Jika" developed specially for such people a series of bathroom equipment of "MIO" and «OLIMP» and accessories for bathing «UNIVERSUM», using which it will be possible to feel completely all care and love of the near.

The company is not only only the biggest producer in Europe and comes into number of one of the first manufacturers of bathroom equipment. Therefore it is possible to be sure of functionality and quality of products, The Czech quality – for people with limited abilities
not to mention that all bathroom equipment is very ordinary in installation.

The toilet bowl of "MIO" differs from own "colleagues" that on 50 cm the design of a bowl of a toilet bowl is lifted, that provides more its comfortable use. Model cost – about 6 thousand roubles.

In «OLIMP» toilet bowl producers developped its length on 70 cm, and to all to other that toilet bowl maintains huge weight – to 400 kg! Price of this model of 7300 rubles.

Hand-rail and holders who are shown in the UNIVERSUM series, too will come to the rescue and will allow to feel comfort in a bigger measure.

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