Change of the location of a toilet bowl

To rearrange a toilet bowl it is possible, if you the owner of the apartment and the apartment is privatized. In an unpleasant case you bear responsibility for autocratic shift of sanitary devices.

Toilet bowl removal
If you decided to change the toilet bowl location, naturally it is necessary for you to get first a new toilet bowl, and then already to dismantle the starenky. The Starenky toilet bowl to remove intact it will not turn out. Be not upset, if it broke up, whole it to dismantle is actually unreal.

Essentially: before removing a toilet bowl the big Bulgarian saw a pipe connecting a toilet bowl and a ditch. At all this it is necessary to save up a sewerage pipe. After division it is possible to turn off already fixing bolts (screws) and by means of a hammer and a chisel to beat out from a floor, the board enclosed under a toilet bowl. This place close up cement substance, from above put a tile. A bell of a pipe of the sewerage laboriously and аккуратненько clear of the pipe and cement remains.

Toilet bowl installation
Direct attention to how far the toilet bowl will defend from a sewerage bell. For the best washout, on each meter of distance, one centimeter of an inclination is necessary. A bias define by means of level.

After determination of distance between a toilet bowl and a bell of the sewerage we find toilet bowl level over a floor. To enclose under a toilet bowl it is possible a board of firm breeds of a tree (an oak, a hornbeam) or a brick, a clay tile. At all this the brick for suitable thickness can be cut off on thickness the Bulgarian. The board is better for strengthening to a floor screws (саморезами), and a tile or a brick to fix cement glutinous structure, for example, the same Ceresit. The toilet bowl to a board fastens screws, and to a brick or ceramics anchor bolts.

After toilet bowl fixing on it the tank is established. For this junction become covered by sanitary silicone on which rubber laying and only is put then the tank is put. Connecting bolts twist in particular аккуратненько to avoid pulling. Places of fastening of a tank and a toilet bowl fragile and in case of their damage of barrels should be thrown out simply.

Then actually we connect a toilet bowl to a bell of the sewerage the goffered tube. Do not forget that sanitary hermetic dries from 1st to 12 hours. The supply of water is carried out by means of a flexible hose. We fill a toilet bowl on 1/4 and we check connections if everything is all right – we expose level and a toilet bowl it is ready to work.

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