6 parts in special packing

6 parts in special packing
The Polish novelty in Russian market: the install system "DELFI Cet 6:1" uniting in one product (packing – гофр) 6 parts:

1. A toilet bowl, hinged, small-sized.
2. A seat on a toilet bowl (дюропласт).
3. The Aqua installation, folding (an esthetics in design of a bathroom).
4. Smyvna a flank on two modes of operation (3 l and 6 l), the brilliant button plum.
5. Laying soundproofing.
6. Hermetic in a tuba on 80 ml with the batcher, silicone.

6 parts in special packing
As the producer notes – this complete set has an extra packing, dense гофрокороб which firmly protects everything that is at it снутри. Therefore to order a novelty it is possible and on a web, without fearing that at transfer something will break or even will be displaced снутри boxes. By the way, гофр has the sizes 440*720*610 see, the weight – is sensitive more than 34 kg.

Cost of the Polish install system for a bathroom – few more than 6 thousand roubles.

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