Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets — 1 part

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - 1 part
In the modern world, country sites are used more often, as at home for rest, instead of for bringing up and cultivation of vegetable and fruit cultures. Here, inhabitants of the huge cities and the large cities can relax really. Spotless freshest air, the marvelous nature which induces, grants inimitable feelings and considerably cheers up. In particular dachas, are popular in the summer when on the street there is a hot weather and simply hunting to hide in a cool of shady and sprawling trees.

Giving takes a special place in life of each person. After all, you see, the piece of the nature at least once a year, will not prevent anybody. Even, if to consider, that fact that what spacious apartment you would not have, all the same will pull somewhere in the wood to calm and tranquillity. And never-ending vanity, at modern rate of life, can wait a little. Owners of many country sites, adore the hands to build different constructions, whether it be the pool or an arbor, small benches, gate and even fountains. At home, they have no that ability because the imagination has no place to be developed, well and time it is not enough. And here on vacation in a country house it is possible and to experiment.

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - 1 part
The necessary thing for though what suburban site is, of course, a dry closet. Usually, development of the country earth, begins with construction specifically this institution. Certain prefer also ordinary toilets, but they fall, become eventually not steady, give. Naturally, the most resourceful to save up, invent different fastenings and adaptations for a toilet. For example, find starenky slate from a fence, bricks, plastic vagonka and design the new invention. At all this, without having representation how truly to build it. After all, to build a toilet – business very much not usual. For a start it is necessary to be caused with depth of soil and its type because it mainly influences time which was spent for its extraction. If you came across limestone, pertinent will be here – the puncher and a pick. A cesspool do as it is possible more deeply. Then, you need the wood bar, which sizes 100х100, and the length makes 3 m. This bar to us will help to make a toilet framework. It is also necessary to take a bar 50х50, for this purpose, to make sitting. Then it is necessary to be caused with the accurate sizes of our room. Usually, the length – 150 cm, makes width 100см, and the height is equal 210см. Saw брусы in the sizes and connect them вполдерева, in other words it will turn out — 50х50. If it is necessary, it is possible to polish all cambers of a surface. Further, a kapron thread or an elastic band, it is necessary to check a diagonal of horizontal rectangles and vertical. After that, at height 50см from a floor, closely we approach in bearing bar "fifty-kopeck piece". From this a bar, we do a crossing point, length less 100см from a back wall. The same crossing point needs to be started up on the party of a back wall. They will be a basis for seat arrangement.

Subsequent step: from sheet particleboard or thick plywood, we cut out an opening under the size of a chair and by means of a screw-driver, we fasten the main detail – our "podium". To sheathe walls it is possible the same board, and on walls of a toilet to paste polyfoam, as a heat insulator. For a roof, to us will be useful cross-section брусы which we attach to walls. As a material for a roof can serve both the iron covered with zinc, and wave slate.

Well and the last штришок, is stability of the design. We zaglublyay as it is possible more deeply, a country toilet, to the earth. The bar in length 90см which is used for piles is for this purpose necessary. But for earlier, by means of an empty iron pipe which is sensitive less in a diameter, it is necessary заглубиться to the earth. After that, our bar will enter simply into soil.

You see it is starenky option of construction of a house country toilet. Therefore, the most part, prefer to receive ready dry closets. They happen different types and types. Differ from each other at cost and on quality. Choosing any from them, by all means direct attention to of what material they are made, tank volume, the sizes, washout. Notice that there is a lot of criteria and to you follows before purchase, very to study types of toilets and their installation.

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