The device the new, mobile, comfortable, improved

The device the new, mobile, comfortable, improved
Dry closets the Thetford companies (Tetford) from the Netherlands deserved worthy reputation in the markets of household bathroom equipment in Western Europe, in the Russian Federation products of this famous brand takes the 1st place on sales volumes in the middle of production of this commodity group. Models of the different price enter into the commodity line of dry closets "Tetford", differing types, in the sizes and the additional built-in options.

Dry closets from a new model range of the Thetford company at first attract attention ergonomic forms with the smooth, approximated windings, esthetic external shape and modern design.

The device the new, mobile, comfortable, improved
In – 2-x, when manufacturing new models the raw materials of advanced property are used that essentially simplify weight of products, keeping at all this their krepkost.

In – 3-x, new dry closets of "Thetford" are equipped with the improved drain mechanism that allows to empty a tank more perfectly. Not including that in them there is a special lock which does carrying (transportation) of products much more conveniently.

At once with modernization of the new model range, a pleasant surprise in the market of household bathroom equipment there was a unique design development of a dry closet let out by the Thetford company – the Porta Potti Exelence model owning except unusual design a number of advantages and design features. The novelty is armed with a mechanical or electronic pomp for the washout, 2 indicators of level in drain and waste tanks, plus is built in the case of a dry closet the holder for toilet paper.

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