Shower of next day: bathe and charmed

Shower of next day: bathe and charmed
The unique technological novelty was presented at the International Imm Cologne 2012 exhibition passing in Cologne. Having united in fruitful creative alliance, the German companies Dornbracht and Gira and the Revox company from Switzerland developed the project printsipno the new shower, named Connected Comfort – Home Automation for the Senses.
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Hybrids mixers, style – a miniatyurizm

Hybrids mixers, style - a miniatyurizm
Minimalist design at present in a fashion. Perhaps, you too is the fan of an elegant miniatyurizm when everything is on own place, answers this functional and it is not burdened with excessive details. And after all there are such details without which not to manage in any way.

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Other fittings 19

Perfectly to use in house criteria fittings which besides the electronic drive has. Comfortably, but as we contemplated in previous article, the device quite difficult, and means also the precious. Besides, if to use houses automatic system which will operate all engineering equipment, it too not the available. In fact, in cases of use of automatic Continue reading

Washing of system of heating

Washing of system of heating
When we speak about comfort in the house, except convenience of a room, an upclassing its furniture, we represent for ourselves and warmly. In each apartment for these purposes heating batteries are established.

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Bathroom equipment? Statue!

Bathroom equipment? Statue!
What associations in you are caused by the word "sink". For certain, the first remembers a bathroom equipment subject, and it is completely reasonable, after all we contemplate such sinks every day. And here the 2nd association, completely can be, there is a sea sink – a cockleshell, the spiral curl "filled" with noise of a Continue reading

«Will be to you and кофА, there will be also what with tea …»

«Will be to you and кофА, there will be also what with tea …»
More than 20 years the Italian company ArtCeram works at the market of sanitary products. Its products are made from glass, faience and metal. Functionality, convenience of forms, an abundance of styles and coloring – all this distinguishes ArtCeram company production. Add here originality of design thinking with ability to joke, and the manner Continue reading

Plastic tubas

Tubas or simply tubes represent unique and very comfortable rational packing, and the word "tubas" occurs from the British language and is translated not on another as a pipe.

Tubas consist of 4 bodies:

1. Cylinder flexible. It has the cylindrical form, one end of this cylinder is closed tightly, and the 2nd end has a special carving Continue reading

When it is not visible having merged at a sink…

When it is not visible having merged at a sink...
We contemplated so many sinks of the most various forms and the sizes that we, perhaps, can be called the judges who have tasted taste. But whatever non-trivial were the models of sinks, they everything are connected воединыжды by one common feature – existence plum.

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About a tree in a bathroom

About a tree in a bathroom
Wood furnish is often used in modern interiors. Agree, the decor topped with a natural structure of a natural tree, looks very comfortably and presentably. Certain especially courageous designers use a tree even for bathroom equipment furnish.

Yes, wood baths – already long since not news, but will at present go speech about the bathroom Continue reading

Other fittings 10

In last articles we considered quite ordinary devices of direct act. Mechanical safety valves. Now we will get acquainted with the device of indirect act. Its design and mechanisms of work are more fascinating. Time the device not direct act, means, it should receive command from another. And this another should distinguish an emergency. As the signaling Continue reading