This suitable subject — a bidet

What is the bidet now knows actually everyone. And after all as early as years twenty-thirty back our absolutely unpampered comfort fellow citizens tested actually a nightmare if abroad they had to face this achievement of a civilization. Here also left: what to do — it is absolutely not clear, and to ask — awkwardly.

So, what after all such bidet? Contrary to seeming similarity to a toilet bowl, after all to associate it with a wash basin or a bathroom more truly. The bidet is only comfortable means for maintenance of personal hygiene. On own design of a bidet it is possible to divide into three main types – hinged, floor and covers bidets. If in your toilet or a bathroom there is enough place, it is possible to establish a floor bidet This suitable subject - a bidet
which on own external shape and remembers an ordinary toilet bowl. In case of need of economy of the area it is possible to give preference to a hinged bidet which is fixed to a wall, or to use the most modern type of these devices — a cover bidet fixed to a toilet bowl заместо of an ordinary cover. At a choice of design of a bidet in the main thing it is necessary to cope the general style of a bathroom or a toilet. It is better to receive a bidet such makary that it mixed up with already established toilet bowl and a sink.

Rules of use of a bidet assume that first it is necessary to use a toilet bowl, and already after a bidet. It is considered that it is necessary to sit down on a bidet faced to the mixer, though, after all this matter of taste and only a need and rationality question. Certain consumers say what more comfortably to use a bidet specifically sitting a back to cranes and a wall. Be not surprised, but the bidet can be used and for washing of feet. Besides, the in itself bidet is very good a tray for the most malekhanky members of the family.

Bidets can be made in the most various variations. The most usual model of a bidet outside remembers something average between a toilet bowl and низковато the placed wash basin. It can be supplied with the ordinary mixer with a break and 2 ventilny heads.

Bidets can have the porcelain or faience tank with an opening which if it is necessary, it is possible to close a stopper. It is also possible to allow water and freely to flow down. Fontanchik waters can thrash vertically up from a nozzle established during a day of a bowl.

This suitable subject - a bidet
Other bidets can be equipped with special mixers, the main which distinctive feature is possibility to adjust at own will the stream direction (the head излива at such mixers can turn).

Is and so called electric bidets with the built-in electric control units. Certain models of such bidets can be equipped with singular heating-up elements and even systems of fenovy drying. Separate models cope with the help of the panel. Many electric bidets have a function of adjustment of water temperature and a stream pressure. That too in fact it can be very comfortable.

Installation of a bidet can cause many difficulties at not so huge dimensions of bathrooms. But during the current time in buildings under construction bathrooms differ roominess, and bidet installation in these cases any more does not deliver special troubles.

Before bidet purchase actually each buyer can have a question of to what specifically characteristics it is necessary to pay special attention.

Voobshchem, the best option of acquisition of a bidet will be its simultaneous purchase together with a toilet bowl. In this case the bidet and a toilet bowl will have a similar form and a coloring that will give the chance to them to be entered in the general design of a bathroom normally. If for certain reasons to make purchase of these 2 sanitary devices at once it was not possible and you already have a toilet bowl, it will be better to remember the title of its model, also manufacturing firm that upon purchase of a bidet it was not necessary to guess what specifically the model will suit you on design in the best way.

At acquisition of a bidet it is necessary to allocate with the separate moment its choice it is dependent on an installation method. At floor option all pipes brought to a bidet, take place This suitable subject - a bidet
outside, at wall – almost always behind the wall panel. Also it is necessary to consider and option of installation of a toilet bowl because it is most ideal to receive a bidet similar in this plan. Joint placement of a bidet and a toilet bowl gives the chance to simplify works when leading the necessary pipelines. But it is necessary to consider that if the toilet bowl needs only cool water, for a bidet the burning is also necessary also.

For the greatest convenience of operation it is possible to get a bidet equipped with the mixer thermostat. In this case it will be necessary for you to establish once only a certain temperature mode and in an extent of long time to use warm water of only this temperature.

The subsequent moment at a choice of a bidet is the choice of a type of a material of which it is made. For today a bidet suppressing the most part are issued from a sanfarfor and санфаянса. Printsipna distinctions of boundaries these 2 materials in questions of operation of a bidet actually are not present. But all it is clear that the sanfarfor least becomes soiled and absorbs smells. Specifically for this reason, it is better to choose a bidet made specifically of this material. Voobshchem, upon bidet purchase by all means it is necessary to address for the help in an explanation of many subtleties of different models to the selling assistants realizing these products. Taking into consideration all received information, you can make the unique right choice upon purchase of this very specific sanitary equipment.

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