On 3rd whales

Practically for each of us the feeling small slackness at the end of labor day represents completely everyday occurrence. What after all it is necessary to make for this purpose to overcome these feelings and to cheer up? Certainly, it is simplest to take a bath simply. Warm water will give the chance to you to relax and already in few minutes will Continue reading

With what to begin repair in a bathroom

With what to begin repair in a bathroom
Fine bathroom everyone wishes. The bathroom is a place for tension removals after wearisome working day. The bathroom helps us to cheer up in the mornings and to relax in the evening.

Before, than to start repair of a bathroom follows обмыслить a color palette of bathroom equipment and furnish materials that everything harmoniously mixed up on Continue reading

How truly to choose a bath

Now I wish to write about the major making a bathroom, actually, to the bath. The bathroom with fine and comfortable bathroom equipment is capable to cheer you up at its visit.

Let’s carry out the small price and high-quality analysis of baths and materials of which they are made.

Pig-iron baths

Actually in overwhelming majority of apartments Continue reading

We choose a bath

We choose a bath
Bathing – more basic hygienic procedure. Purity maintenance – natural care of the person to which health is not indifferent. In an extent of many centuries people made different adaptations for a bathing.

Times exchanged, modern without troubles and work can get an iron, pig-iron, plastic or acrylic bath though what size, a form and a coloring.

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Bath – in a basket!

Separately standing baths for our country is, quicker, an exception, than a rule. Nevertheless not enough who from us can повытрепываться a bathroom of the huge sizes and therefore the bathroom equipment is obliged to press close to a wall shy. But if you are among those lucky who presume for itself such luxury, as a bath in the room center, this Continue reading

Installation of an acrylic bath

Installation of an acrylic bath
Process of installation of an acrylic (plastic) bath practically differs nothing from bath installation from steel. Difference that the most part of models fasten not on bolts or a samokleyka, and are fastened саморезами to a bath bottom.

There are 3 methods of installation of an acrylic bath: installation on a frame or legs, installation on Continue reading

Comfort – the greatest!

Whether Comfort – the greatest!
happened at you such that, having gathered water in a bath, you with pleasure fall to pleasant heat, plunging to the bottom, and suddenly … notice that waters left much, and it is splashed out too much. Here disappointment! Even if on a floor the towel lies, it is necessary to break own process of a relaxation and something to solve for Continue reading

Bowl for a relaxation

The company Villeroy&Boch presented the newest collection of furniture and ceramics for «My Nature» bathroom the combination of serious outlines of laconic, multipurpose furniture to the smooth, bent forms of the clay sanitary equipment became which main thought. The fine bath became an indisputable find of a novelty, the tremendous design and Continue reading

There is not enough place? Not failure!

There is not enough place? Not failure!
The average family living in the city apartment, in the most part cannot повытрепываться truly a spacious bathroom. It is necessary to dodge in every possible way more often to arrange on the malekhanky area all necessary bathroom equipment and furniture. So, aspiring to save up a place, many are simply released from a sink and wash specifically Continue reading

Main types of restoration of baths

Repair in a bathroom is difficult mnogoetapny process which comprises the most different recovery operations concerning walls, ceilings, floor and natural most bathing for bathing. Certainly, it is possible to get the latest such bathroom, but now in the main thing prefer to return and restore old, and for this purpose now there are many unique different Continue reading