Stages of polgy repair in a bathroom

Stages of polgy repair in a bathroom
Bathroom repair — not only only desire to save up money. To execute repair of a bathroom is means to embody the requirements and desires completely, without foreign representation and taste, without loss of a large quantity of nervous cages from viewing of "skill" of workers. When you carry out repair without the aid of others, precisely you know that nobody is better and more qualitative than itself(himself) will manage to make.

Repair, usually, begins with substitution of pipes. Zamesto of iron and plastic pipes, is most ideal to put the metalplastic. It is also necessary to change ordinary gates for spherical cranes as they it is much more reliable. Because water in big small towns not absolutely spotless, is recommended to establish clearing filters. They will promote to detain harmful parts and a chlorine smell.

Stages of polgy repair in a bathroom
On the subsequent step it is necessary to choose a covering for walls and a floor. Usually this material is the tile. It left not a case. In a bathroom it is very wet, and the tile does not pass water. Laying of a tile should be created by means of daggers. They will promote to make seams rovnenky. It is most ideal to upholster a ceiling with plastic panels. They as do not pass water.

Bathroom choice.

The choice of a bath is difficult, in particular, when producers offer a wide choice of different options: from acryle — to cast iron.


Stages of polgy repair in a bathroom
It is necessary to direct special attention on a tile. A tile in a bathroom in most cases spread on a floor and walls, ceilings do navesnoy of ekstruzionny polyfoam or plastic.

Cost of a clay tile has significant disorder, for the small sum it is possible to pick up completely high-quality material. The main condition at a choice – a harmony with other elements of a room. Choosing a tile comfortably to use collections.

Bathroom equipment.

Choice of mixers for a sink and a bath – a basic step of polgy repair. To prolong operability of parts, it is better to choose mixers of the tested producers and brands, in a bathing room it is recommended to establish clearing filters.


Pieces of furniture should be taken when all technical works are complete. For a bath all do furniture to order more often, it allows to use ergonomically a limited place and to make an interior comfortable, fine, comfortable.

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