How truly to choose a sink

How truly to choose a sink
It would seem, what can be simpler, than choose a sink? You come to shop, well and you choose the pleasant model from the big range. Actually everything is not so simple, sinks can differ not only only outside and internally. To the same, rakovinny should approach under design features of the house or the apartment.


As already it was written above, modern sinks very much differ on own design. Sinks can be with podstoly or a pedestal, with a compartment in what “under communications”, or without such — with one sink.

How truly to choose a sink
Sink with a pedestal ("tulip") are diverse in the sizes and forms. The main type of this type of sinks is presented in the market in the form of the combined models with semi-columns and columns. Such sinks mount to a wall by means of fastenings. On the size, they take a place minimum in a bathroom.

For certain models of sinks use table-tops. The sink runs or built in a wall. Finally, the design leaves dimensional and is suitable for baths of the big area.

More usual option — a sink which fastens on a wall. Such design has no protection against a modulation, looks not esthetically, and open pipes and plums at incorrect use can become the flood precondition.

There is an unlimited quantity of types of the sinks sharing on a material of production. Let’s make out more favourite of them.

Clay sink.

How truly to choose a sink
Widespread title сантех. the equipment made of faience or porcelain. Porcelain production – one of the most expensive in the market, a material surface rigid, is smooth and where the least porous, than faience. Sanitary products executed of porcelain have scenery in the form of a relief, otlivka and lists.

Marble sink.

The most prestigious and expensive sink. Such sink differs the external appeal, the 1st to support a smart type of this sink quite difficult, from you it will be necessary laborious leaving and careful attitude. The main defect – a porous surface on which dirt eventually collects.

Iron sink.

Iron sinks create in the main thing from stainless steel. "Stainless steel" is very high-strength, durable and hygienic. Not including it, steel looks very decoratively to be entered in interiors. From defects — low stability to cleaners. Besides, iron sinks very much hoot at hit in their water streams.

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