Double adjustment

Actually all modern radiators are equipped with such comfortable device as a regulator, allowing to adjust temperature «under», and even absolutely to block access of the heat-carrier to one of radiators, without mentioning system as a whole.

But as a whole control of two-trumpet systems is not so ordinary, as it seems on the 1st look. Unskillfull intervention can simply break balance and lead to that the part of radiators will get warm not absolutely. To chagrin, the most part of valves has no protection against similar difficulty. Company «VALTEC S.r.l.» offers a novelty Double adjustment
— the radiatorny crane of double adjustment of "VT.004".

The model will not allow the resident to change without the aid of others setup of cranes set by the assembler is can be only at absolutely merged strut. And here ordinary manipulations like adjustment of a thermal stream or shutdown of 1 of radiators remain available.

The VT.004 crane is made of brass and calculated on the highest temperature of the heat-carrier of 130 degrees Celsius. Not including that, if something happens the novelty absolutely is subject to repair.

Updated: 17 ноября, 2015 — 7:51 дп