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In last article we got acquainted with a spring safety valve. It is possible to consider such design as the most vserasprostranenny, on the last measure, for introduction in a life. But without considering a spring drive other designs were extended also. Namely, the lever and cargo safety valve completely can meet. The scheme of that device is provided Continue reading

About heating, water supply and the clever house

On September 12 this year in St. Petersburg one of important for the Northwest region of the country an international exhibition on water supply and the climatic equipment «Expoklimat 2012» developed the expositions.

At first, the specialist the subject of action is aimed at recruitment of professional participants and guests, in the middle of Continue reading

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We got acquainted with turnaround fittings. Excellent and reliable devices, only at a rupture of the pipeline such devices do not solve all complex of tasks. There is a speech about a rupture of pipelines. In particular it essentially when the working environment represents danger. Such situation quite often appears on chemical production or the nuclear Continue reading

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The case passed number 6 in this series of articles, and itself on for itself number quite good. Therefore, we now will return it, but we will hold in the head what to read the sixth article better after article number seven. We will begin more detailed acquaintance to safety fittings with a safety valve. Designs of such valves can be various, we about Continue reading

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Somehow unsuccessfully in previous article the last scheme took place. Therefore, I now will repeat it on fig. 1. Again I will remind, as it works, it now is required to us. In principle, we already met the similar device, only then it there were not protective fittings, and regulating. The on-off regulating valve very probably works, only in our case Continue reading

New design of mixers and cranes.

Everyone who was engaged in design of a bathroom and a room lavatory – noted the importance of a choice of the crane (or the mixer) because it is an ending element of dressing and can either decorate, or spoil design.

New design of mixers and cranes.
New design of mixers and cranes.

At first it is necessary to do own choice – proceeding from features of style of design of your bathroom, in a Continue reading

Water, reed, health

Water, reed, health
Inspired with Asian motives, designers made a concept of a new water tap, a form reminding trunk of a bamboo. The crane in closed form is similar to a small piece of a beechen trunk, and in working condition – on classical drains from a bamboo in Japanese style.

Even the water stream from the crane flows under a small pressure – as if a spotless Continue reading

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More basic for the consumer, by all means, is reliable, trouble-free operation though what system, including pipelines. For these purposes the safety fittings also serve. Its main destination is maintenance of the necessary characteristics of a working environment and prevention of probable failures.

Other fittings 7

Fig. 1. Safety valve.

There Continue reading

If in the crane there is a water …

If in the crane there is a water …
Thought of a form of the crane to the mixer it is so original, how many it is unusual. However, the novelty purpose – not to amaze at all with the external shape of the consumer, and only very much to save up water.

So, the sense is as follows: on your morning washing is taken away one liter of water. Neither it is more, nor it is less – only Continue reading

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The series of articles devoted to other fittings, in other words not comes to the end with that that the locking is called. I not a case divided all pipeline fittings into two separate series. The matter is that we by all means use shutoff valves in a life, it for us norm. And here other types of pipeline fittings meet in our farms while enough occasionally. Continue reading