Artificial reservoir the hands

Artificial reservoir the hands
To design an artificial reservoir in a garden or on a site it is not so difficult, as it seems on the 1st look. At first, it is necessary to choose, where the pond will naturally be entered in a surrounding landscape. If nearby there is an orchard or a flower bed it is excellent, if is not present try to choose a place in a shadow.

You can or get already ready reservoir, or make own pond of a difficult configuration.

Artificial reservoir the hands
Let’s make out the 2nd option of creation of a reservoir. It is necessary for descent to note what to build a reservoir absolutely from scratch – a difficult problem, you should be reserved by all necessary materials, to spend many means and efforts, but ready option provided that everything is made truly, will look very esthetically.

Installation of a reservoir should be begun with a marking of contours. For the correct marking (rectangular or square outlines), in corners pegs are driven in, and on them stretches a rope. Snutri of outlines is dug out a ditch with flat walls.

That the water level was invariable, water insulating materials are put on lateral walls and a bottom.

Artificial reservoir the hands
After the ditch is dug, and stones and backs are cleaned from a surface, it is necessary to start consolidation and alignment of a bottom, walls and the bases. The basis becomes covered by a sand layer, then creep a lining and the film keeps within. The film is necessary for stacking so that its ends left for a pond on 50 see. Educated folds distribute on a ditch surface. Acting edges are pressed down by stones and filled up with sand.

For a pond, than the area does not surpass 5 square meters, and depth less than 0,8 m, use a film of average thickness. If depth more than 1 m, the area more than 15 "squares", suitable thicker film – to 2 mm. The accurate quantity of a film is defined by a method of preparatory calculations. For calculations the greatest sizes of width, length and depth of all reservoir are used.

If the film for any reasons does not suffice, as economy it is possible to lay it внахлест. A film from винилхлорида in a place of connections stick together on special glue, and a film made of rubber — weld.

After that a reservoir start to fill with water, stretching at all this a film. When the reservoir will be filled, surpluses of a film are cleaned.

It is possible to decorate edges of a reservoir with a stone or a tile.

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