Other fittings 19

Perfectly to use in house criteria fittings which besides the electronic drive has. Comfortably, but as we contemplated in previous article, the device quite difficult, and means also the precious. Besides, if to use houses automatic system which will operate all engineering equipment, it too not the available. In fact, in cases of use of automatic system, there are other, more ordinary and cheap devices. Naturally, the price of the system they can and not lower, but final devices will be cheaper and more clear.

Other fittings 19

Fig. 1. The servo-driver for a latch.

The most ordinary and available device, is the servo-driver for latches. It was developed for climate control systems, and provided suitable volume of giving of the heat-carrier in heating radiators, heat-insulated floors and other. But we completely can use it and for our purposes. For example, it is completely possible to organize automatic watering with its help. Such devices quite often use and for water overlapping at detection of leakages. In principle, if a pipeline diameter at us small, latches with such servo-drivers can be used and as gate-type fittings.
Naturally, itself on for itself that servo-driver cannot operate anything, it works as an element of the whole system. Directly the servo-driver the specialist an aktuator which in turn, receives teams from a network operates. It can be commands of the thermostat or other device which solves a climate control problem. And can be and equal team of the user. It latch servo-driver and as locking, and protective and other fittings allows to use such pair.

Other fittings 19

Fig. 2. The servo-driver with an aktuator.

Is and more expensive devices which consist of aktuator and servo-driver composition, that is represented on fig. 2. Such performance is suitable for water supply systems when the latch is established in somebody a distance from automatic equipment board more. If to take measures грозозащиты, it is completely possible to establish such device and on the street. Convenience of this device is also that it receives a food directly on the system tire. In other words it is not necessary to submit an additional food, and tension of the system tire, besides, it is harmless, only 28 Century.
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