Bath with the Caribbean temper

You happened on islands of the Caribbean Sea? Let’s tell, on Dominica which is famous for the whole world geological, and historical sights? Yes, specifically there it is possible to behold eminent beaches with black sand or to walk around national park to Kabrits placed on the peninsula near to the last settlement of natives.

Though the piece of Dominica can "lodge" and at you at home, and for this purpose not so by all means to run in travel agency behind the permit. Designers from the Victoria+Albert company too were inspired by the nature and a landscape of the marvelous island and consequently they made model of a bath of "Cabrits" which form, according to them, repeats outlines of the peninsula with the same name.
Bath with the Caribbean temper

But the novelty is remarkable not only only "Caribbean" history of own origin. Except oddish wavy windings the bath has also to the friend a picturesque detail: it does not lie on a floor and it is not necessary on «lion’s paws», and leans on two impressing legs. Agree, looks quite in an original way.

Well and, not including that, the model answers all standards of ergonomics and therefore in it it is completely possible to lie down more long, representing that lap in waters of the Caribbean Sea…

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