A little about my repair. Continuation

A little about my repair. Continuation
To us, to chagrin, it was necessary to be trained on mistakes. "Masters" whom we invited, to each our remark, said that a curve tile, walls etc. are bad. For certain, therefore seams in results left rough on 1-2 mm. The next minus – is badly put a border, drawing "obliquely". When we came to estimate their work, отколупывать and to alter their work was late …


It is necessary for builder to give appropriate, walls in the apartment left rather rovnenky to level them absolutely to us the ton of a smoothing consistence was not required.

We rejected wall wall-paper, having preferred paint. In it there are very many pluses, main from which – possibility promptly to change color.

A little about my repair. Continuation
Interiors with drawing are at present very popular. Options here two: cliches or art lists … By means of a template under a coloring it is possible to create effective pictures without special troubles. Sheets-samokleyki are more popular, by means of them it is possible to change actually to unrecognizability a view of the apartment.

Process is rather simple: the roll with a cliche is necessary for pasting on a wall and to paint over paint.

Now as to aspects. When the wall will dry up, have fixedly a look at it. All cambers and gaps immediately correct. As to “color failures” when on the one hand, for example, reddish brighter, than with another, about it can not worry, even rather available paint gives good uniform color.


A little about my repair. Continuation
The most reliable option – linoleum, but we chose a laminate. Technologies of laying of a laminate – a stately large quantity, we used the subsequent: at first made a bulk floor, laid a pith substrate, and over it a laminate later. I will notice also that the laminate should not approach very close to walls. The average size of a gap between a wall and a laminate – 1.5 see.


Described repair stages not absolutely reflect that excellent process which took place to be… But, if not so to go deep into specifics a system of materials and repair work, written here — it is completely real councils which, will promote to avoid certain ремонтны

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