Bidet prefix — the good decision for hygiene!

Frenchmen even more than 300 years ago which entered at once into active introduction by aristocrats became inventors of a bidet. Appearance of the device essentially exchanged eventually, and now became the usual tray reminding a toilet bowl. Already then the principle of work of a bidet was developed. Here therefore already you will surprise nobody with any novelties of a bidet, but it does not concern a unique bidet prefix about which many even did not hear.

Bidet prefix - the good decision for hygiene!

The compact bidet was created by Japanese still in the eighties last century, being is comparable the new invention. Japanese inventors managed to connect a cover of a usual toilet bowl to a prefix which is carrying out functions биде. by the Bidet prefix it appeared much more successfully than an ordinary bidet. In — 1-x, thanks to such device it is possible to solve an important question of a place in a toilet because it is established in a toilet bowl and does not ask additional square meters. In — 2-x, for installation of that bidet it is not required to select a certain model of a toilet bowl because it is simply built in in though what type of this hygienic means.

Bidet prefix - the good decision for hygiene!

Every day of a compact bidet will melt all pains е popular, and people whom health and health of own relatives strive on the receive it. Doctors of the whole world say that introduction of one toilet paper is not enough for laborious hygienic clarification, also there are such diseases at which use by toilet paper is simply forbidden. The compact bidet which will provide careful clarification and even a certain massage of intimate places will help with it. Akwa massage helps to make better blood circulation, preventing, such makary, emergence of symptoms of hemorrhoids and a chair delay. Certain models of a bidet prefixes even are equipped with function клизмы.

The compact bidet perfectly will be suitable for pensioners who cannot eliminate without the aid of others difficulty of hygiene. Thanks to a bidet prefix it is possible to carry out nonspecific prevention of ladies’ and man’s diseases of genitals.

For use of this magic device it will be quite simple to you to press some buttons, without rising even from a toilet bowl. The range of such devices quite wide therefore the choice remains for you.

Updated: 8 января, 2016 — 6:06 дп