Chip & Joanna’s “Fixer Upper” Farmhouse at Christmas

My favorite new show on HGTV this year was   Fixer Upper. Another article   about the show says it works like this: “The production company or the Gaineses find people willing to spend at least $30,000 to renovate a home they plan to buy. “But the exposure is more tangible.” And the homeowners get the work done at cost. In some cases, they bought them before they hired   Chip and Joanna to remodel them. The results are always amazing, though. Get Your «House Fix» with My Weekly Newsletter: The rest of the kitchen counters are poured concrete. You can also see their house (and other houses they’ve fixed up) on their website Magnolia Homes, follow Joanna’s blog,   and shop at their   online store. Watch for the second season to start in January! They offer real estate services in the Central Texas area through   Magnolia Realty. While they’ve lived in everything from a cottage to a rancher, the farm and its 40 rambling acres—complete with cows, chickens, horses, and goats—is where they plan to stay.”
This is what   their kitchen looks when it   isn’t   decorated for the holidays (via their website, Magnolia Homes):

And here it is, featured in HGTV Magazine:

Chip and Joanna have a million irons in the fire. When the transformation is complete, the network pays the Gaineses the 10 to 15 percent profit they would expect to receive on such a task, plus overhead.”
“The dollars we receive are comparable to what we would see on a project for anyone,” Chip Gaines said. Chip and Joanna Gaines take on   old houses in Texas that a lot of people would consider tear-downs and work some serious magic on them. Here’s a photo of the sink wall of the kitchen that they recently posted on Instagram, which shows it looking a little different right now, with the “Super Market” sign swapped out for one that says “Pharmacie,” among other things:

It’s also missing the “Christmas Trees For Sale” sign that we see in the magazine (I’m sure   the photo shoot took place a while back and the house was staged a bit for it):

The kitchen island was a late-1800s church altar Joanna found at local antique store and topped with stainless steel. It’s the couple’s ninth home in 10 years and one of a series they’ve renovated and sold as part of their fix-it-and-flip-it business. They   own Magnolia Homes, which   provides residential and commercial remodeling, design and new home construction. They host the popular HGTV show   Fixer Upper. Here’s how it looked when they were working on it:

It was featured in HGTV Magazine, which reports: “To boost the square footage from 1,700 to 3,600 square feet, the Gaines turned the unfinished attic into a guest bedroom, bathroom, multipurpose room, and crafts room, and added a first-floor master suite. In case you missed it…

Sarah’s House Decorated for Christmas

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