The construction was definitely a learning curve. Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez on why it is necessary to design with the intended occupation of the building in mind: Building, machine and body come together. The design project Anna Beer (Information Booth live project) on the continuation of design activity into the construction phase: Initially, we had thought […]

Haworth Tompkins

The practice is particularly well known for its innovative arts projects. The original tiling has been retained and openings formed in a robust, unsentimental way. ‘On the Young Vic Theatre we spent a lot of time just sitting in performances and sitting in bars in the neighbourhood watching the world go by and understanding what […]


Detail Students’ ideas about materials had begun to form early on through model making, drawing and from looking at built precedents. 146 И 47 Holly Newnham on the use of a storyboard to connect the ideas behind the project: I had lost sight of the way that all my preliminary pieces of work together formed […]

What techniques do you use to cope with complexity while you’re designing?

The interrogative development of the design and the tactility of building details are symptomatic of their interest in the human condition. Complexity is kept in check where appropriate: detailing in the Opera House dictates that no more than three materials meet. The materials, their quality, source and application have been represented in this study. Model […]


If you look at a city from the plane it might be a living room; so scale often is portrayed at the level of content it has, relating to how close you might be observing it. Comparing two projects: the Tubaloon and the Opera House, which have similar purposes but are very different in scale, […]