Nendo twists traditional details to enliven simple white shirts

«We made an effort to include details that would seem ordinary at first glance, but bring surprise when viewed more closely.»

The first shirt in the collection gives the appearance of wearing a tie with the garment. The final design has a turtle-neck collar designed to look like a cuff, with the fastening to one side and more buttons along the yoke. Nendo’s by|n range includes umbrellas that can stand on their own when not in use and moulded-paper pendant lamps, which are all displayed at retail concessions also created by the studio in the department stores around Japan. For the second, the bottom of a long shirt doubles back like a dress shirt cuff and is joined at the side in a similar fashion. Dezeen Book of Interviews: Nendo founder Oki Sato features in our new book, which is on sale now
«Rather than doubling the fabric, then fastening it, our shirts fasten by gathering the fabric from front and back, bringing a unique three-dimensionality to the placket and collar,» said the studio. Made in the same colour and fabric, a knot is attached to the collar and the shirt’s placket is designed to look like the tail. For the women’s collection, Nendo was influenced by the accessories typically used to fasten the cuffs of men’s dress shirts but adapted the idea for the plackets. The Cufflinks series includes four designs, with the first using the colourful fastenings at the top of a simple shirt. The breast pocket on the third shirt is open at the bottom for the wearer to store his glasses over. Two shirts are patterned with motifs taken from markings from stationery implements, much like the Draftsmen series of watches that also feature in the by|n collection and can be purchased from Dezeen Watch Store. Related story: Scale watches by Nendo mark the time with ruler increments
«Things ‘fused’ include accessories like neckties and sweaters worn with shirts, as well as products often found close to shirts such as glasses and pens,» said the studio. The men’s Fuse collection includes five different designs, described by Nendo as «a men’s shirt collection born from the concept of gently fusing things found around shirts into the shirt itself». A faint striped design is modelled on extended ruler increments and a subtle check is based on graph paper.

Updated: 23 декабря, 2014 — 6:20 дп