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Iceberg Homes: London Boroughs Curb Luxury ‘Super-Basements’

Like other facets of this phenomena, the lack of visibility relating to such practices has helped keep them hidden from public scrutiny. In response to the growing concern over these practices, Chelsea and other boroughs are considering measures including: restricting below-ground extensions to a single story, reducing the distance they can expand beyond the building […]

Illegal Skyway: Chinese Homeowner Bridges 2 Highrise Condos

In Nanning, China, one resident apparently purchased two apartment units situated nearly across from (and facing) one another with a novel plan in mind: connect them via a slightly-sloped extension to expand his interior space. The makeshift metal-roofed-and-clad addition is supported by a system of somewhat rickety-looking steel trusses forming a spaceframe below – given […]