Facts you want to know about ADONIS Surrogacy

Let life going on!

Our times are so fast moving, so you need to have something constant and hopeful. Your beautiful family can be such a way to invest in.

Surrogacy motherhood is the way of having a baby for those people who are undergoing some health issues for now and want to give birth with the help of proven Surrogacy treatment.

ADONIS Fertility International is a highly professional medical establishment with multilingual and constant support wherever your place of residence is.

ADONIS Surrogacy clinic

All medical manipulations are performed in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Moreover, an International Department of ADONIS Medical Group works in the USA (Colorado Springs) for the special comfort of our international customers. USA or Canada, we work in your timing applying the local banking system system for comfort payment makings.

So you do not need to worry about your personal and your future child safety.

There are following advantages to use the ADONIS Fertility International services:

  • USA terms and regulations

For the USA and Canada citizens we create special deals with loving support throughout the Surrogacy Program. The Medical Surrogacy Program is carried out in the most comfortable conditions in Ukraine, the Surrogacy arrangement and legal conditions are drafted in English language and are upheld by Ukrainian law according to international standards. ADONIS Translation services are also available for your usage.

Moreover, ADONIS provides full legal assistance while our local US office is always happy to answer your questions to leave only a good impression of ADONIS experience.

  • Payments of the highest security

ADONIS International Surrogacy Programs together with ADONIS Headquarter in the USA assure no additional international wires system.

We receive your payments in checks, bills or any other appropriate methods for your. We have a deal with the Bank of the United States, so your payments for the Surrogacy Program are totally protected.

  • Citizenship aspect

Your newborn child will have the same citizenship as you have despite the fact of being born in Ukraine. ADONIS ‘own Department of Legal help ensures total support in documents issues and legal establishment. We will guide you until your happy return home carrying a baby with birth certificate and citizenship established. 

  • Medical financing capacity

Versatile conditions on the financing for your medical Surrogacy Program of ADONIS is reinforced by our partnership with United Medical Credit. You can easily submit a request through the link. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable managers via special form on ADONIS Fertility International website.

ADONIS International Surrogacy cost

Treatment of infertility cost includes complex procedures with the sole objective of achieving the best results.

ADONIS Surrogacy motherhood ensures individual approach to each case and consists of really important stages (from prior examination complex to neonatological reception, etc.).

Average cost of ADONIS International Surrogacy is $45 000 with included Surrogate mother selection, examination and personal coordination.

Please, pay your special attention that the final cost of Surrogacy treatment will be determined by your professional doctor after the individual appointment. Additional services and therapy can be assigned in view of your individual medical case.

Want to know even more helpful information about Surrogacy in Ukraine for people from around the world — visit ADONIS Fertility website and follow the latest updates.

Updated: 4 июля, 2022 — 8:55 дп