Beauty what…

The fine thing absolutely unessentially should be elaborate or richly topped. Many people, on the contrary, appreciate unique simplicity and grace. For them elegance of forms and perfectly proved materials is more important.

For example, the set for bathrooms «Angelica» which is let out under the easily soiled companies "Webert" (Italy), on the 1st look, differs quite moderate Beauty what...
exterior. But behind deliberate brevity the harmony and the originality expressed in exact, ideal lines and generous materials disappear.

This set it is possible to carry a class premium to the goods. The demountable approximated wash basin is executed from the white marble, capable to decorate with itself any bathroom. The unique pedestal and a mirror supplement an image of model.

Designer Massimilyano Settimelli who has created «Angelica», calls the child «the beauty territory». Perhaps, it is right.

Updated: 11 декабря, 2015 — 12:50 пп