sink installation with a curbstone the hands

The good time of day, esteemed guests of the website and my blog! In this article I wish to impart experience with you on sink installation with a curbstone in a bathroom in the standard large-panel house, not differing bolshenny dimensions of rooms, including a bathroom, kitchen and a toilet.

Owners of such apartments усвоют me to a descent, after all in such dwelling there is "fight", actually for each centimeter therefore, starting repair, it is necessary to weigh everything to trifles, placement of the sanitary equipment and furniture in bathrooms because operation of these things is supposed forever and desire to receive the greatest comfort.

In our case everything began with difficulty of placement of the washing car machine gun, in small to kitchen this option disappeared to a descent, was decided to dismantle a partition between a toilet and a bathroom. As a result one door became excessive and was closed up, in a bathroom the necessary area, just under the car was liberated. It was decided to establish a shower cabin (a bath refused absolutely precisely). There were next aspects, sink installation, because everyday washing in a cabin — not absolutely comfortable occupation was required also.

By the C choice of a sink were caused beforehand, the choice was in favor of a sink with a curbstone, again played a role a factor of a small place, and shelves and boxes of a curbstone amused own spaciousness. But should warn readers that the choice, specifically sinks with a curbstone not always can be successful because standard placement of pipes of water supply and the sewerage can prevent curbstone installation. Therefore it is necessary to treat fixedly this question, to consult to specialists, curbstones happen various on an arrangement of shelves and boxes, certain it is possible to establish, nekordinalno having cut a back wall, certain do not approach absolutely, and the spoiled thing in shop will not apprehend back.

We solved this question such method: during substitution of the metal sewerage on PVC, we closed up pipes in the lower part of a wall taking into account all biases and other rules, after laying of pipes all bosoms заштукатурили cement substance, having prepared under furnish by a tile.

As to specifically assembly and sink installation, this process easy under condition of observance of sequence of installation and the summary.

sink installation with a curbstone the hands
sink installation with a curbstone the hands
sink installation with a curbstone the hands

— At first it is necessary to establish a drain lattice on a sink, then to it to attach a siphon, it is better with the goffered pipe, it is simpler to establish it in the closed space.

— Then it is necessary to connect the mixer to a sink, for this purpose we fasten two bringing hoses to the mixer case that the connection density was not broken, through a special opening in a sink we push hoses and from the sink back by means of krepchalyozhny bolts, a washer and nuts we strengthen the mixer on a sink.

— It is necessary to put a sink on a curbstone later and to note fastening places on a wall through the openings made under fastenings. Having drilled the puncher krepchalyozhny openings in a wall, strong we fix a sink to a wall special screws and nuts.

— We connect a water supply to pipes carving connection, using laying (water of defects does not love), the siphon is connected to a bell of the sewerage and we make the verifying test. If everything is mounted well, work of a sink will be durable and ideal.

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