Severity of forms, clearness of lines

Severity of forms, clearness of lines
In 1975 the Italian company which at present makes bathroom equipment, furniture and devices for bathrooms was based. One more novelty of the company: a sink of ELLE which was developed by Milan designer Matteo Nundzati.

The squared model is a big sink which consists of a small little table and specifically a bowl wash basin. All design on a stylish curbstone and with drawers, and open sections – completely capacious and very representative is established.

Severity of forms, clearness of lines
The mixer is supposed integrated, but not in a sink, and in a wall – directly over a bowl.
Distinctive feature of this sink is lateral having merged, which disappears in the unusual niche which is harmoniously supplementing a curbstone. There is such small letter of "G" which can be established both in one, and in other party.

Yes, it is elegant … But do not hurry up to argue that such fascinating creation – not to you. Perhaps, cost of model will be enough the highest, but all design occupies places absolutely a little. Everything is compact, strict and very fine. Well, Italian development …

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