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Two more questions of sinks…

In a question of a sink choice for a bathroom, in the middle of the main and simply solved questions two others flicker – the least basic, but irritating. 1st question: protection against a modulation – is necessary? Many know why on a sink establish this protection, but not all understand this course. And protection against a modulation not so much Continue reading

Steel and plastic: country Duet

Steel and plastic: country Duet
The wash basin for giving «Mr. Heath, the Duet, without a water heater» is the greatest in own family. From its name it becomes already clear that the wash basin is intended for use at once 2 people.

The strong case of this wash basin is made of steel, but has small weight. And means, it can be transferred and established where will be comfortable.
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What only sinks we did not contemplate! And speech at present goes at all about a form, and about materials. For example, wash basins from a stone look fashionably, in an original way and very presentably.

In the current time designers for creation of own models extensively use an artificial stone кориан though it is possible to meet sinks Continue reading

Simply wash basin? Street!

Simply wash basin? Street!
Wash basin of very small-sized design which can be transferred simply, and then to establish in any suitable place where there is no centralized water supply. Structurally the wash basin very much малогабаритен also takes not enough place. In a wash basin the sink from stainless steel is established. All iron frame of a wash basin is painted by Continue reading