Hands spotless always! And at a dacha — too

Hands spotless always! And at a dacha - too
In our days, during an era of a pronikaniye of utilities to all spheres of our life, still is, to chagrin, places to which it could not get. Garage, for example. Or giving where come in the summer on a quantity of days: hands will wash out there, naturally, it is necessary. Earlier this question was solved by means of the suspended bottle or water plum on hands a bucket. But one it to make, recognize, a little problemno.

And here, for the solution of similar troubles, on sale there is a wash basin "Mr. Heath" "Moydodyr", in this case — without a water heater. The wash basin completely esthetically, and, of course, looks at all will not spoil an interior of the suburban house or giving: a careful locker on which the sink is established. And colors the wash basin can be various — the choice is.

The wash basin novelty without a water heater has the size small-sized therefore a lot of place will not borrow. As required it easily and to rearrange, because wash basin weight – about 11 kgs. The curbstone hides it water drainage. The case is painted by powder enamel and simply washes.

It should be noted still that "Mr. Heath" "Moydodyr" simply understands and even more simply gathers. And, means, he can be brought on giving in the spring, to collect, and upon termination of a season to disassemble and withdraw.

Novelty cost – about 2300 rubles.

Updated: 23 декабря, 2015 — 4:59 пп