Pig-iron baths

Pig-iron baths
Certainly, one of most, favourite on the former Soviet Union were and there are pig-iron baths. And matter is not that this bathroom equipment of our youth, and we feel with it more comfortable, matter in a practicality and convenience of this production. Let’s make out the main properties of metal baths and we will create natural conclusions.

The 1st that comes to reason, it is weight. Pig-iron baths differ in huge weight. If to take a standard design – a rectangular bath, it will have weight from 120 to 140 kg. It even if to consider that modern technologies allow to make cast iron rather narrow.

Pig-iron baths
The weight of a bath causes two opposite moments, and one moment excellent. the 1st opposite moment, is transportation and bath delivery. the 2nd opposite moment, is installation of a bath and its "slowness". A merit that this weight guarantees to a bath stability. You can sit down on the bathroom region, arrange in it fights without rules, or it is simple to doze off. Your comfort will not be broken by a shaking bathroom.

The subsequent positive quality in the list, goes durability. Average service life of a metal bath of 15 years. Usually, the enameled covering keeps own look in an extent of all service life. Baths perfectly react on cleaning means and mechanical influences. Specifically pig-iron bathrooms are known around the world, as the strongest.

Pig-iron baths
It is necessary to mention the highest thermal capacity of cast iron further. Water in a bathroom remains hot rather long time, than the iron bath cannot повытрепываться. One more pleasant property threw, noiselessness of a bathroom is proved. Water is gathered without sound effects that as it is necessary.

To defects, it is possible to carry a small constructive abundance. The matter is that cast iron not ideal option for art molding. Therefore pig-iron baths do not differ variety of forms and design decisions. Though soon they became more unique, thanks to various coverings. Let’s note that cast iron good base for various enamels and decorative coverings. There is not enough of that that coverings is long remain, they also differ uniformity and uniformity of a covering. Тоесть enamel on a metal bath very smooth and pleasant for a body.

Pig-iron baths which differ unusual design, in most cases bring from abroad. These are the Spanish baths of Roca equipped with lokotnik and handles. These are baths of the French company Jacob delafon which differ truly unusual design. And baths of Porcher, also French production. The Russian production, is also durable and is comfortable, but it cannot повытрепываться the same design delicacy, as foreign production.

The last that it is necessary to tell about metal baths, it is their cost. Even upon bath purchase from an eminent brand, cost will not be very high. All the matter is that prime cost of cast iron rather low. Here also leaves that the metal bath is one most comfortable and convenient options to you and your bathroom.

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