Spain-Russia: new creation

Spain-Russia: new creation
Zabugornye the companies all open branches of own plants in the Russian Federation more often, than provide inflow of investments to economy of our country and give new workplaces. And those from us whom it does not concern outright, can wait for drop in prices on production – after all in this case expenses on transportation of a product become much lower, well and without the customs duties it will be possible to manage.

Absolutely soon in the small town of Novocheboksarsk that in the Republic of Chuvashiya, the new plant наикрупнейшго the Spanish producer of bathroom equipment of "Roca Group" will reveal. Construction of an industrial facility was conducted 2 years, at present capacity of plant allows to make 10000 ordinary and 3000 hydromassage baths that will allow to satisfy an increasing demand for acrylic bathroom equipment.

In principle, we already mentioned Roca company factories in our news, this becomes the sixth in the Russian Federation. Well, the more the better, truth? Production will be issued under the Jika and Santek brands.

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