Main types of restoration of baths

Repair in a bathroom is difficult mnogoetapny process which comprises the most different recovery operations concerning walls, ceilings, floor and natural most bathing for bathing. Certainly, it is possible to get the latest such bathroom, but now in the main thing prefer to return and restore old, and for this purpose now there are many unique different methods. Restoration of baths on a place the hands does not ask professional abilities and huge costs monetary, in other words to return an old any bath it is possible most thus it is quite prompt and not expensive operation. Restoration such usually happens 2 types, the 1st look is installation of a new enamel covering and the 2nd method it is development which is called a bath in a bathroom.

1. A bath in a bathroom. Such development strikes with own uniqueness simplicity and efficiency, in other words at all this it is not necessary to restore the become unfit for use bathroom and to potter with enamels and preparatory cleanings and chemical processings. This development is applied more than 30 years in the world and it consists in installation of new special baths in the case of the old become unfit for use bathroom. Such acrylic brand new bath does not ask special laborious leaving, it very strong and is ecologically harmless effective material.
2. Bathroom restoration. Stakrilovy bath. This new unique bulk covering of a bath which differs that enamel on the basis of acryle is put not with a brush or the roller on an old bath, and is simply poured on its surface and forms a protective bulk layer of 2-6 mm. The Stakrilovy bath it truly unique and very usual, also cheap type of a covering which differs the applicable prices and simplicity of drawing, in other words such easy problem under force truly to everyone. Service life of that covering very significant and as a rule is 10-15 years and even more, and the covering at all this will be rovnenky, careful, brilliant glossy and very fine and elegant. The next basic advantage consists that a bath stakrilovy completely not slippery, but essentially after drawing of this covering to wait more than 3-4 days and only then it is possible to use already it, this time suffices, that стакрил absolutely hardened.
3. Restoration of baths by means of a covering watery acryle. That material as acryle has waterier consistence on comparison with stakrily therefore the covering will be narrower. At all this the thickness of a layer from watery acryle will be to 1,5-2 mm, an expense average of a material at all this usually 2-3,5 kg, work such takes only 2-3 hours, and complete polymerization of acryle will be in two days. Color of a covering can be though what, at first enamel snow-white, but for obtaining different colors special dyes are added still.
4. Preparatory processing. First before drawing though what enamel needs to remove a starenky layer of the enamel, now it is necessary to wash laboriously a bath and to degrease it, and then to fill in in bathing hot water and in 10 minutes to lower it. To put the 1st layer follows, having mixed enamel with a hardener, on it the layer of enamel will keep more greatly and is more long.