Mold in a bathroom

Mold in a bathroom
The suitable ecology of the environment of housing of the person is formed by an abundance of the reasons. One of the negative phenomena worsening a condition of life, quite often appearing mold in a bathroom is. Plesnevye mushrooms consist of a mycelium and breed with disputes. The main way of distribution – air. Disputes, getting to conditions of the suitable environment, sprout and form colonies.

The mold in a bathroom arises when developing in this room suitable criterion for reproduction. Such conditions treat room temperature of a room from 18 to 25 degrees, the overestimated humidity (more than 95 %) and inefficient ventilation. Visually existence of a mold is shown by spots and a plesnevy smell. In most cases the mold arises on wettish warm places: walls of bathrooms, shower booths, drain tanks. Mushrooms are very steady against different factors of influence and keep possibility to survive even at very low temperature.

Mold in a bathroom
Mushrooms povsevremenno are in air. According to WHO threshold concentration of 500 WHICH mushrooms in 1 m3 air of rooms is considered. At excess of this threshold concentration the person has different pathological conditions and diseases – from obvious respiratory diseases before severe defeats mucous bronchial tubes and a disease bronchial asthma. Disputes are quite small and without efforts get to respiratory ways of the person.

More than allergenic characteristics are found in 300 types of mushrooms. Long contact leads to emergence of an allergy to a mold that is shown by emergence of cold, dacryagogue, short wind, vysypaniye on skin. In particular kids are sensitive to аллергентам plesnevy mushrooms. The mold in a bathroom, at everyday contact, can cause fungoid defeats of skin and nails which are characterized by a long current and hard give in to healing.

Mold in a bathroom
It is seen that at hit of pathogenic mushrooms to the gastroenteric highway there is a food allergy and as defeats of an internal, in case of immunity fall are probable.

Such makary, plesnevy mushrooms in air, on walls of rooms, in myagenky furniture, blankets and carpets represent health hazard of people, in particular for kids of preschool and school age.

It is necessary to know that weight of an allergic disease outright is in dependence from concentration аллергента. As, absolutely to clean contact to pathogenic mushrooms it is unreal, very essentially often to carry out measures for reduction of concentration of mushrooms to housing. For emergence prevention, also, if you saw a mold in a bathroom, carrying out ecological examination is necessary. She will allow (a method of a fence and inspection of tests) to find quantity of plesnevy mushrooms in air of rooms and their high-quality properties.

Timely and continuous carrying out ecological examination of a placement on existence of plesnevy mushrooms will allow you to avoid many troubles with health. Revealed by ecological examination threshold and concentration of mushrooms are higher, will allow to hold in time preventive events, it is good to organize special cleaning and processing of subjects of a room for an eliminatsiya of pathogenic mushrooms.

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