We establish a border over a bathroom

We establish a border over a bathroom
Everyday occurrence, when a bath not вмонолечина in wall furnish. The decision – installation of a border, a plinth or a tape on edge. The main problem of an ukrepitelny element – to exclude course. That border, vobshchy, can do and support functions of additional fixing.

We choose glue and a border.

Самоклеющаяся the bordyurny tape will not suit you. Glue which is put on it, will promptly lose the characteristics in criteria of the overestimated humidity, because in a bathroom invariable vibrations and moisture. To glue it it is unreal. If you got that border, it is necessary to remove only a layer of glue and myagenky base.

We establish a border over a bathroom
If your bath is aggressively fixed, it is possible to get a border without glue. It is possible тормознуть on rigid plastic corners, a rigid integral plinth or even a plinth on a tree.

Glue it is necessary transparent because at works the weight can appear. Glue should suit a surface. An acrylic bath glue glue for plastic, glue will be suitable for vinyl also.

We paste a border on a wall and a bath.

Will mark and cut with the help стусла the necessary sector плинтума. If you use a bordyurny tape, cut or bend it.

It is necessary to provide dryness of a surface further. For this purpose use cardboard towels. Wipe places on a bath and a wall while the towel will not be dry.

We establish a border over a bathroom
Now degrease a place. White спирит or gasoline most ideally for this purpose will approach. It deletes fat, but does not dissolve plasticity. Do not use brutal solvents. They will spoil a wall, if a covering – acryle or wall panels.

Put glue according to the summary. It is necessary to put on all surface of a border. Do not use a dot seam, the continuous is necessary to you! Put glue on ability with one narrow layer. If there are cambers, glue should be put in the sufficient portions for their filling.

Establish a border into place. Press it and hold before primary hardening. Arrive so with each slices of a border. At border installation for earlier put slices adjoining to it, it will facilitate laying and will help to reveal incorrectnesses.

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