Grown-Up Sports Decor: Creative Ways to Show Your Team Spirit at Home

Here are some strategies from a few rooms who get it right. An East Village residence designed by The Novogratz and featured in Rue Magazine (via Cush Nooks). Sports are a part of who we are, and I believe our home should reflect that. Less is more. Vintage is always in style. To avoid turning your living room into a man cave, keep it simple. Jesse’s Modern Bachelor Pad

Clothing can be decor, too. Or stash a few t-shirts or jerseys into a basket, like Hayley did with her husband’s hockey jerseys, on Design Improvised, below and at top. My favorite way to display our love of sports is to display replica prints of old game programs, like the two in our living room below, featuring my Florida Gators and my husband’s Michigan Wolverines. Put up photos of your family in their team t-shirts at a game, or a shot of your high school hockey team. Speaking of photographs, pictures are a great way to display your love of sports. And I’m pretty sure my husband spends more time with his fantasy football team than with me on the weekends now. How do you display team spirit at home? But we’re also adults with adult tastes, so a giant fathead wall decal of Tom Brady doesn’t seem to be the best way to introduce our love of sports into our living room (although this one looks pretty damn good). An actual piece of memorabilia, like a signed football or baseball, feels more at home in a mature room than a giant team logo. I grew up a huge sports fan, thanks to my dad. The office above is from Kyle Schuneman Interiors. A framed jersey might seem like a big statement, but work it into a gallery wall of more mature prints and photographs.

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