What piece of work tends to prompt a re-think?

We try to do it as much as we can: invite authors or screenwriters or artists, especially with public art and cultural projects. Craig Dykers
We started our practice after winning the Alexandria Library commission, which in many ways has a similar foundation. Could I ask about the National September 11 Memorial Museum project? That doesn’t mean we don’t have strong opinions but at least we can find constructive ways to move forward. If you have only the details and the material you tend to follow those through. Craig Dykers
I think the only way you can do that is to have a balanced capability of architectural skill and skills in human relations. Craig Dykers
In general, architects and the architectural process could be opened up to other disciplines to allow for varying perspectives. Say you start at both ends at the same time and try to merge them in the middle somewhere, then you’re more likely to have carried with you both of these elements, instead of starting at one end and believing it’s a one-line sort of thing that is happening. Kjetil Thorsen Realising a mistake! You rarely talk about buildings in the actual abstract, which is two dimensions or less. It allows for a change in perception. Craig Dykers
We also function generally within the office in the same way. At a smaller scale in the design process we’re already dealing with those same issues; so someone sitting across the table and someone sitting next to you are going to have occasionally conflicting ideas and we’re trying to work that out. The building needs to have a real performative aspect to it, which means, in our terminology, that it has to come back and claim something. Kjetil Thorsen
Where the cultural differences are big, we try to look for similarities rather than the differences; it makes it easier to move forward but it doesn’t devalue the issues at hand. There must be so many different people, opinions and pressures to accommodate.

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