The construction was definitely a learning curve. Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez on why it is necessary to design with the intended occupation of the building in mind: Building, machine and body come together. The design project

Anna Beer (Information Booth live project) on the continuation of design activity into the construction phase: Initially, we had thought of using a lightweight construction fabric with a rod support skeleton, to contrast with the more solid frame of the actual booth; however, this caused problems because we couldn’t find a way of supporting a lightweight fabric in the preferred concertina shape without adding significantly to the stress on the ticket booth. Even with a ‘final design’, the ticket booth was constantly morphing and we were constantly questioning it. The materials I specify will mature to define the aesthetic of the complete; not decay and break the sense of completion. Is it so the sense of possibility is preserved? Ralph Saull anticipating the effects of change and the passage of time in his design studio project:
Why do we programme change and flexibility into our architecture? We solved this by adding a back wall to the ticket booth which attached to the roof in an upside-down L-shape.

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