Journey model exercise

The way that materials and elements are joined together at this scale can be as poetic as the sequence of form and space, despite the pragmatic realities of the materials concerned. The architect must spend time discovering which elements to prioritise and develop. You will need recycled scrap model — making materials and/or found materials […]

Mapping exercise

Photograph this mapping of the existing situation. Pin a site plan on the wall and plot all of the observations on to it using pins, string, thread, found objects and cut-out representations of the elements observed. Mapping this information enables the architect to find connections between significant elements of the project and deepen their understanding […]


The challenge of this project is to design a theatre responding to the play as well as the context of the site. A drawing is slightly different, it is regarded as a representation of what could be there in the future, but it is also a stain on paper, an evidence of a physical reaction […]