Economy – twice

Economy - twice
Evenly economical mixers which allow to lower a consumption of water considerably enter into a fashion. But such models are usually expensive, and the regulator of a consumption of water can become even more profitable option.

The NEOPERL company brings to your attention two new models of regulators – for a shower and for the mixer with an aerator. the 1st of them will cost approximately 380 rubles, and the 2nd – in only 280.

The design of products is ordinary: the special aerator and a sealing rubber ring are concluded in the iron Economy - twice
brilliant case which is simply fixed on having given vent to the crane or is put in the basis of a shower hose.

Thanks to the small sizes regulators at all do not spoil external shape of mixers, and a consumption of water allow to reduce in 4 times.

Naturally, that option becomes good for the public organizations where the everyday consumption of water is very great: offices, companies, cafe, hotels. But also the regulator completely will be suitable for the ordinary apartment or the personal house, and in view of its small cost the economy will turn out double.

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