Mixer repair — we eliminate a leak

Mixer repair - we eliminate a leak
To repair or establish the mixer, it is necessary to understand the device of the crane of ventilny type. The mixer – the dual crane: in the general case there are 2 saddles and 2 ventilny heads, permitting to block water supply in the general having given vent.

Handles for closing and opening of water meet in the form of the handle-makhovichka and the handle gate.

The gate of the crane is connected to a vertical spindle. The Naruzhny nut is screwed in in the crane case. Laying fastens the button or a nut. Turning the handle, you screw in a spindle, that, closing the crane: the iron ledge is blocked by laying and does those a barrier to water.

We eliminate a leak.

Mixer repair - we eliminate a leak
If the crane flows, to it there can be at least 3 preconditions: the spoiled omental stuffing, the worn-out laying and saddle corrosion.

In the first case it is necessary to change laying. This operation create the next way: by means of a screw-driver and a wrench unscrew a nut, then pull out the mechanism with old laying. If the device of laying fastens to a disk by means of buttons, they are necessary for removing a screw-driver and to change for the new. If laying fastens on nuts, them it is necessary to turn off, remove laying and to put the latest.

If fault of a leakage — omental laying, water starts to pass through a spindle up, filtering on a plastic casing. In this case it is enough to change an epiploon on new, by means of a special tape or the cotton rope impregnated with graphite…

Mixer repair - we eliminate a leak
When the epiploon of the crane is between a nut and a spindle, it is necessary to remove the crane handle, to lift an epiploon nut, to reel up the rope mentioned above or a special tape and to fill it inside by means of a very narrow screw-driver. Then a nut it is necessary to twirl and put on back the crane handle.

Certain types of cranes have no omental stuffing, заместо it there is a rubber ring which does the same function. At breakage, it is necessary to take out a spindle a screw-driver and to change a worn-out ring for the new.

If the leak reason — saddle corrosion, it is unessential to change the crane absolutely, it is possible to remove a rust from a surface by means of the grinding adaptation. The device screw in in the case and create saddle cleaning.

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