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Chinese Homeowner’s Illegal Skyway Bridges 2 Highrise Condos

As a local paper reports, the raised structure is raising concerns for pedestrians passing below. Comment on Facebook The makeshift metal-roofed-and-clad addition is supported by a system of somewhat rickety-looking steel trusses forming a spaceframe below – given their elevation (and lack of planning permission), it is unclear whether these will survive natural disasters like […]

Deceptively Reflective: 12 Mirrored Buildings Trick the Eye

Comment on Facebook Architecture studio Bona-LeMercier worked with artist Xavier Veilhan and set designer Alexis Bertrand to enhance the structure itself and also put the focus on the picturesque hillside setting. The former home is now a permanent gallery for Frac Île-de-France, the region’s contemporary art fund. Designed for the 2014 Folly Competition, the mirrored […]