Spatial Composition

It considers how the overall space is formed and develops ideas for vertical and overhead planes of enclosure. An essential point to realize about form composition is that it is only the begin­ning step of preliminary design and by itself does not create a complete residential site design. When completed, form composition provides the basic struc­ture and visible skeleton on which the remainder of the design will be built. However, the two steps are being separated here for the sake of explanation. INTRODUCTION
Chapter 10 discussed the various aspects of form composition, the first step of the pre­liminary design phase. This chapter discusses the different aspects of spatial composition including pre­liminary grading, planting design, use of vertical planes such as fences and walls, and use of overhead structures in residential site design. The next step in preliminary design, spatial composition, proceeds beyond the two-dimensional form composition to establish the spatial shell or envelope of a residential site design.

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