(Right) Provide a bolder black line around major structures (houses, garages, gazebos) to emphasize these elements. Material Combinations
(Left) Stronger contrast will occur when completely different colors are used for different materials. (Right) Tans and peach colors are also easily mixed, with varied pressures, to es­tablish a mottled concrete character. Material Combinations
(Left) Peach and tan are used to cre­ate a mottled concrete character, with brick and peach colors for the edging. (Right) A single color, with varied pressures in opposite 45-degree direc­tions, implies subtle changes in value. Structures
(Left) Gazebos are rendered with the top left roof tinted lighter and with fewer lines than the bottom right darker color. (Right) Using wide bands of brown, with some bands of pumpkin orange and tan, will make for a darker wood. Stone
(Left) Varying the pressure and direc­tion of gray and light blue is commonly used for delineating limestone. (Right) A more blended look hap­pens when some similar colors are used on different patterns of varied materials. (Right) Browns and grays can also be combined to create an earth-toned pat­tern of brick or concrete pavers. (Right) Wood grain, drawn with long slight arcs, can be colored in with browns, tans, and yellow for a cedar deck. Concrete
(Left) Varying the pressure of tan and peach colors, in different direc­tions, helps create a mottled character. Wood
(Left) Wide brown bands mixed with peach bands, along with white, suggest a softer-colored wood deck. Structures
(Left) The sunny parts of roofs can be colored yellow with the shaded side colored with browns or grays. (Right) Provide strong changes in con­trast, with colors and line types, when delineating several adjacent materials. Brick or Concrete Pavers
(Left) Bands of red and brick colors drawn with varied pressures can create a more common red brick pattern. (Right) Adding peach to gray and light blue allows for more subtle changes in color, thus resembling sandstone.

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