This property has a U-shaped entry drive with a specialty pavement drop-off area. [12]”Outdoor Water Use in the United States,” EPA Water Sense, EPA-832-F-06-005. Department of Interior, 1972), p. 754. [3]Anne Simon Moffat and Marc Schiler, Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping (South Newfane, VT: Appropriate Solutions Press, 1994), p. • Render the following design elements in a variety of ways in both plan and section:
• Lawns and ground covers
• Deciduous plants
• Coniferous evergreen plants
• Tropical plants
• Paving materials
• Structures
• Water
• Specialty elements
• Know and demonstrate the differences in rendering (1) an already rendered black and white drawing, and (2) a basic plan (nonrendered black and white drawing). 56. 3. From there, a set of steps leads to a lower lawn for the own­ers’ dogs, and then onto a stone path that leads to a two-level formal entertaining space adjacent to the kitchen/breakfast area. This color plate was prepared by The EDGE Group—Planning, Landscape Architecture & Graphic Design, Columbus, Ohio. [15]Maureen Gilmer, The Wildfire Survival Guide (Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1995), p. [6]Dr. • Identify, draw and use the 16 different line types in a variety of ways. 18. 3. 58. The use of color will assist the client in differentiating between the design elements. 78. 59-60. [5]Anne Simon Moffat and Marc Schiler, Landscape Design That Saves Energy (New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1981), p. The front entry space, defined by low walls and hedges, focuses on a specialty paved area and small central viewing garden. [18]J. Robinette, Plants People Environmental Quality (Washington, DC: U. [9]Ibid., p. [7]Gary O. • Identify and demonstrate the 11 color pencil tech­niques in both plan and section. S. SUMMARY
Color rendering your landscape designs, in both plan and section, can be very beneficial in portraying design ideas to clients. 248-249. [17]Ibid., pp. An angled checkerboard pattern of stone slabs and lawn provides a visual pattern for the garden. [8]Ibid., p. The side entry leads to the auto court and garages, which also serves as a basketball court. worldclimate. James R. Fazio, editor, “How Trees Can Save Energy,” Tree City USA Bulletin #21 (Nebraska City, NE: The National Arbor Day Foundation), p. • The differences in color rendering drawings during the various stages of design. [10]Anne Simon Moffat and Marc Schiler, Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping (South Newfane, VT: Appropriate Solutions Press, 1994), p. • The differences in color rendering drawings devel­oped at a variety of scales. MASTER PLAN RENDERING: 1/3 ACRE (FIGURE 15-37)
Based on this house addition, which consisted of a large family room and a second — story master bedroom, two major spaces were developed to provide useable outdoor space. This access also serves as an exit for those entering the other end of the drive. Another set of steps leads back up to the front of the house. A stone path leads from this space, around a small formal garden sculpture, into the major lawn area for children’s play. There are two driveway entries on this property. The central part of this space is a large formal stone terrace. One serves as place for visitors to ar­rive, to drop people off at the front door, as well as for deliveries. [20]One system for categorizing these functions was developed by Gary O. The views to the rear of the property are kept quite open to allow for spectacular views to an adjacent golf course. Robinette in his book, Plants, People, and Environmental Quality (Washington, D. The pool, ter­race, outdoor kitchen, special seating areas, and overhead arbor make for pleasant places to sit, relax, cook, and entertain. 79 and p. Department of Interior, National Park Service, 1972), p. 70. S. 17—23. 82. 22, prepared for Phil Cohen, City of Redmond Public Works. Two sets of steps lead to the lowest lawn area, where the major space is located for the kids’ soccer play. The front door looks out onto a small lawn area, a low stone wall with some focal planting, and two large trees to enframe the house from the street. An ornamental stone wall fountain is centered between the two doors of the living room and on axis to the large fireplace.

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