Triptyque’s marble and glass showroom was designed to «look like an ice cube»

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Triptyque   used the street name as the starting point for the   building, which combines glass with cool white Brazilian cachoeiro marble   to   stand out against the backdrop of palm trees and jacaranda vines. «It was fun to create a block of white marble in the Groenlândia street, which appears like an ice cube in the hot country of Brazil,» the architects told Dezeen. The building houses spaces that can accommodate   a shop, a showroom or offices, and it is located in an affluent area of São Paulo on a street called Groenlândia, which is Portuguese for Greenland. White marble panels on   the exterior of this commercial building in São Paulo by French-Brazilian office Triptyque   were intended to give it an icy aesthetic that contrasts with its subtropical environment (+ slideshow). Constructor: Brandao e Marmo, Supervisor Anderson Toledo, João Carmona
Partners: Fábio Baptista e José Paulo da Silva
Glass: Primo Vidros
Facade: Granicut
Fundation: Solosfera
Ilumination: Cia da Iluminação
Wooden deck: Phênix Decor Pisos
Metal structure: São Carlos
Painting: W Cor
Locksmith: Paulifer
Landscaping: Bia Abreu e Triptyque
Frame: GamaZ, colaboração Eng. Two pillars towards the centre of the building support the roof and the top level is enclosed by glass walls that give the impression that the two solid parts are completely separate. Introducing dappled light, they supplement the strip of glazing that wraps around the top of the walls. A large opening on the ground floor allows a view directly through to the courtyard at the rear, where two shallow pools with tall papyrus plants growing in them wrap around the corners of the building. A cantilevered staircase ascends up the side of one of the supporting columns to connect the different levels, culminating on the decked roof that faces   out across the surrounding trees and rooftops. Project credits:
Architecture: TRIPTYQUE
Partners: Greg Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaelli
Manager: Luiz Trindade
Project Manager: Pedro de Mattos Ferraz e Paulo Adolfo Martins
Team: Murillo Fantinati, Luísa Vicentini, Priscila Mansur, Priscila Fialho, Natallia Shimora, Gabriele Falconi, Nely Silveira, Alfredo Luvison, Danilo Bassani, Thiago Bicas. The underside of the concrete plane forms a raw textured ceiling on the top floor, which contrasts with the plain white walls. Helvas
Hydraulic: K2P Projetos
Electric system: K2P Projetos
Facade: Arquiteto Paulo Henrique Araldi Pena Photography is by Pedro Kok.

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