Sensorial Brushes by Najla El Zein Workspace are designed to stimulate the skin

The pins gradually decrease in size down the length of the implement, which can be placed on a brass rest with a black marble base. Photography is by Karen Kalou. Another design, titled Sweep, has soft bristles created by strands of dried grass. Brass pins are embedded into   the surface   of   a bulbous white Pentelic marble tool named Stroke, with   a section left clear so a hand can grip it. Finally, a thin marble pole with fake eyelashes attached to its rounded end is called Blink. Najla El Zein Workspace chose a varied selection of materials that would cause different sensations when moved   over the skin to create the bristles for the five Sensorial Brushes, described as «marble-sculpted pleasure tools». Related story: AndreyAndShay melds colourful bristles to form Monobloc Brushes»The sensations are enhanced with ordinary and unconventional materials such as eyelashes, feathers and hay,» said studio founder Najla El Zein, who installed 5,000 spinning paper windmills in a doorway at London’s VA museum last year. The pad of nails is set onto the end of a rounded handle sculpted from black Tala marble.

Updated: 18 декабря, 2014 — 8:50 пп