Other fittings 7

More basic for the consumer, by all means, is reliable, trouble-free operation though what system, including pipelines. For these purposes the safety fittings also serve. Its main destination is maintenance of the necessary characteristics of a working environment and prevention of probable failures.

Other fittings 7

Fig. 1. Safety valve.

There are various designs and types of such devices. But the most vserasprostranenny, on the last measure, for household introduction, safety valves are. As we remember, valves are the most vserasprostranenny and for the solution of other basic tasks. By the way, about other problems, it is necessary to emphasize that the safety fittings do not substitute neither locking, nor regulating. It is established always in addition with available to systems.
The main requirement to safety fittings, is its automatic work, as reaction to the arisen emergency. Truly, if to expect reaction of the person, almost always simply will react already late. Other basic requirement, this return to a usual operating mode after the situation was normalized.
On fig. 2. The scheme of work of 1 of the most ordinary safety devices which the spring safety valve is called is provided. As we contemplate, it is arranged quite easily, but completely meets both requirements. As we contemplate, for usual work it is not required any electronics. Such safety valves are devices of direct act. There are also safety devices of indirect act, then already and electronics participates in management.

Other fittings 7

Fig. 2. Scheme of work of a safety valve.

To chagrin, in the personal house the owner far not always establishes safety fittings. And here, in an apartment house moreover modern, you probably find such devices, it is necessary to go down in a cellar. It is necessary to emphasize that use of such devices is slightly more extensive, than only water preparation. Them use and for systems of the centralized heating, and for gas pipelines.
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