Other fittings 20

The series of articles devoted to other fittings, in other words not comes to the end with that that the locking is called. I not a case divided all pipeline fittings into two separate series. The matter is that we by all means use shutoff valves in a life, it for us norm. And here other types of pipeline fittings meet in our farms while enough occasionally. The unique exception, is regulating fittings, such devices still can be met on country and garden sites.

Other fittings 20

Fig. 1. The regulating valve.

And here protective fittings, we in a life actually do not use. And it is not simple absolutely in vain and is unsafe. It is possible to remember about nedavneshny accident near St. Petersburg when because of failure at gas-distributing station some people were lost. And after all be established there protective fittings, people could and not suffer. Instead of the specialist in gas supply, I do not know that there it should be established, the turnaround valve or a cutting zaslonka, but sense that supply of gas under the overestimated pressure to apartments could be warned. Well, it not absolutely belongs to our subject, us water interests. By the way, in apartment houses if you are served by decent management company, the protective fittings are by all means established. On the same input turnaround valves which protect pipelines from hydroblow are put.
In personal houses, to chagrin, such precautionary measures are accepted far not always. Quite often it happens on illiteracy, naturally technical, owners of houses, and from time to time and from economy. It would be clear, when the person is very limited in means. But it should give for itself(himself) the report that having saved now, tomorrow it can expend even more. But other mood when that furnish or a tile catches sight, for example, are put expensive, prestigious meets also, and engineering systems are equipped on the minimum, and postponed for the last moment.

Other fittings 20

Fig. 2. The electric drive for fittings.

It is necessary to prepare and to that distantly operated fittings will be soon not a wonder, and the most ordinary equipment. Modern development of construction asks neotklonimy introduction of automatic equipment, without its help cannot actually be to support due habitat in modern the house.

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